Break up / Letting go

Can time actually heal break ups and lessen the mourning over the love which is lost and eventually , you meet someone else.

But some break ups are different. no matter what you do, you cannot get over. Not a single day goes by that this person cross your mind. One way or the other this person’s thoughts will haunt you making your heart feel heavy.


Its usually because the relationship is unfinished, but you can’t tell yourself that and you certainly can’t believe it. Instead you will try to assure yourself that you are fine until you hear that Song, see photo, yearn to share something or wake up thinking about him or her (back to square one). Even though currently you are not together you know that he/she is the love of your life. The connection with that person is so real, strong and magnetic that you are constantly pulled back.

The relationship hasn’t reached its potential yet, so it can’t be over. Who knows this might be the person you end up with. Your friends think you are crazy and you also feel the same about yourself.

People are complicated and love can be messy sometimes but that doesn’t mean it’s not love. Life is unpredictable, so for all those who are in this type of situation, maybe ONE day you will be with that person.

Do let me know what do you feel, have you ever been in this type of situation. Well i have been before getting married i broke up with my husband ( who was not my husband that time) so many times but see today i am with him happily married.

Until next time……

9 thoughts on “Break up / Letting go

  1. I think that as long as certain rules are not broken (cheating, hitting, lying, etc) that things could survive. Again, this is only what I think. At the end of the day, it’s YOU that sleeps in the same bed with that person. You are the one that will live the rest of your life with that person. If you can live life each day knowing what you dislike about that person, would you be OK? Love on, friend.


    1. Cheating , hitting, lying are extreme. Sometimes two people can’t be together for various reasons. And I believe no one is 100% perfect, as long as there is love, trust and respect things will work out.

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  2. Great thought, and who hasn’t been here. I think that each relationship has its time, and sometimes we are not ready to let go. But eventually in order to create space in your life for new things, you have to let go of the old things. This allows new people, who perhaps are better a path into your life. Going through the break up is going to be painful, that is the way it works unfortunately, I have yet to find a pain killer that can handle it, other than time. thanks for the thoughts today. Please don’t hesitate to visit my “real” blog at All the best.


    1. I will surely check your blog and all the best I am sure you will over come it. Thanks for taking out time to check my blog. It’s wonderful to share feelings with each other.

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  3. Time helps heal what can be healed, but not all things can be healed with time. Sometimes there is unfinished business and things that need to be said before you can move on and let go. Letting go is never easy.


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