So I am super annoyed today actually yesterday also. I have a uninvited lazy guest at home, my car is in the garage and on to of it Sarah ( my daughter ) started school few days back and she cries and cries everytime i go to drop her.

When todaymorning I got up at 6am which is like still night for me as I am nt at all a morning person, I found out that  my uninvited guest has left the hall so untidy after watching a late night movie but I didn’t had time to clean it up so I thought I will do it after dropping sarah to school.

To increase my level of annoy the traffic was pathetic it took me one hour to reach her school when it should have taken only 15min, then when we reached she started crying so much my god. I think kids are very smart they know our weak point and knows when to pull that string.

On the way back also I got traffic, why do people do all sorts of funny and nonsense things when they are stuck in traffic- from changing lanes to applying make up to sticking their fingers in nose…..

Anyway now I am back home let’s see how the day goes. Do let me know have you ever experienced an uninvited guest or what do you do when you get annoyed.

Until next time…..

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