Isn’t it fascinating how something as small and portable as books can revolutionize our lives.Its a treasure house of knowledge. They educate, entertain and serve as good companion when we are lonely.books console us when we are in sorrow.

I love the old school concept of having a hard copy in my hand sitting on my favorite couch with a nice aromatic cup of coffee whose scent tickling my nose. Its my time, my world away from my normal life in a different life where with every page I turn I can run my imagination in visualizing what is written. When I was in college hostel my roommate whose to hide my novels because I wont stop reading until its finished.I use to be a crazy fan of Sidney Sheldon, Robin Cook, Jeffery Archer, Danielle Steel etc. The characters, the plot, the adventurer, the suspense simply amazing. Then i got married and life became adventurous outside the book, then I became a mother and my daily life is full of suspense and adventure ha ha ha. But then when I want to runaway from my normal routine i pick up a book.

I never watch a movie based on a book ( if i have already read that book), because when i read I use my imagination and i visualize it according to me and i cant see it someone project it onscreen according to their imagination.Everyone of us has that one favorite book which we can read again and again but never get bored.

Let me know what is your idea of reading a book,which is your favorite book.

Feel free to comment . so until next time…..

9 thoughts on “Books…

  1. I truly agree. Imagination while reading the books is something which we can’t put it on movies. That’s why few books I read twice and sometimes thrice. It always amuses me.


  2. I love books😍don think i have ever read any one of em twice mayb bcoz, as one gets over d other is waiting in d line…..i love d romatic ones ,d ones based on science fiction or d ones wit bold topics…ryt now in d middle of ‘Adultery’by paulo coelho.


  3. you have written so perfectly on behalf of all readers, I too love reading more thn watching movies, for while reading I feel like I am living the characters..I love Erich Segal for the love he portrayed and Dan Brown for combining Mythology and science and giving thrill and suspense too..


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