I believe in being unique. I believe that trying to blend in with a crowd is highly over-rated. And that if you are trying to fit in with everyone else, you will never be able to be a complete individual in life. For myself, I believe that being unique makes me, me and no one can change that.

I believe in being myself and trying not to care what others thing of you. Its hard to not care about what people think, I have been ridiculed for my hobbies and my general way I act, but its just a few peoples opinions and not mine and that’s what counts.

I believe in being an individual. I am one person so I should choose how I want to be. Letting others influence me could lead me down paths I don’t want to be on. I believe that being an individual will open up a wider variety of opportunities for me.

I believe in being creative. I believe that creativity makes anyone unique. Being creative uses my ideas which make things that I do unique. Creativity makes life interesting and fun.

I believe in being weird. Not like the kind of weird where people go “wow what a creep “ , but weird like “haha your weird but its cool”. Being weird keeps things interesting and always allows for something different. It also can be funny and create for moments of laughter at some points.

I believe in being an individual, being creative, being myself, being weird and being interesting. So I guess to sum it up and make it easier….. I believe in being unique…

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7 thoughts on “Unique….

  1. I love many crafts but get bored easily so I switch around to do the different ones. I actually have a craft room with just about anything anyone could possibly want to do in there lol. I think crafts help me relieve my stress and it calms me. Great post.


  2. Unique……
    It is a realization, realization of the truth which is an integral part of everything created by God. His creations are extra-ordinarily unique. He created a lot of species in this universe but not a single one of his creation is duplicated. That is the beauty of His creation. Everything is unique and a single entity in itself. Just to understand this aspect, can you find any two human beings who are identical in terms of physical and mental aspect with each other? Answer is No. Can you find two flowers identical which are blooming either in the garden of a palace or on the road side? No, it is not at all possible. Both are different in terms of their beauty configuration and perspective. Moreover the adjectives associated with His creation are unique as well. Can you find the smile of two people same and identical? The answer is No. Similarly it applies on other expressions/adjectives like cry, pain and all type of feelings etc. That is the uniqueness of His creations. Whatever He created is one and only one in this entire universe.
    Then what is the reason we do not understand or realize this fact or what is the means and way to realize the said uniqueness? The answer is very simple uniqueness lies in “within” whereas we keep on running out, in search of happiness and peace. This search keeps on taking us away from our self (within) from our childhood to last phase of the life. We hardly live for ourselves. Most of the times we keep ourselves busy to live for others. I am sure the moment we start the inward journey towards the within to know ourselves we can realize our uniqueness and that will be the first step towards attaining contended, which in turn will fill our life with love, peace and happiness.

    God Bless You

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