one and only

A study at the university of Queens land tells us that people who belong to a number of groups tends to have higher self-esteem.

So what the study says is that if we have many friends, we assume we are important enough for other people to think of us as friends and this causes a rise in our self-esteem levels. My PSYCHE works differently. I don’t need to join CLUBS, believing that I am important enough to be on my own. And that does wonders for my self-esteem levels too.

I did check my self-esteem the other day, and found that it was well within the recommended limits; not so little that I needed regular pumping, nor over flowing to the extent that I needed to see a doctor.

If u like what I write feel free to comment to let me know if u agree with me.

So until next time….


9 thoughts on “one and only

  1. 🙂 as long as we are comfortable with self..making peace with Self …I find this Surveys are meaningless. They are mostly done in a controlled/simulated Environment. Having said that, Having a high Self Esteem & being in multiple groups.. I find there exists a coincidence. All the persons who I find have a higher degree of self esteem enjoys companionship and are found in various groups/social gatherings. But the Converse ..people having Low Self Esteem are mostly introverts .


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